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Return Disposal uses a proprietary process to dispose of oilfield waste safely below the Earths surface. The injectable slurry that we produce is then injected into a traditional salt water disposal wellbore and is permittable by all local, state, and federal agencies within the Permian Basin. We have immediate business plans to expand our initial site to multiple locations within the Permian Basin and other Basins in Texas. In addition to our solids disposal services, we also work with our E&P customers in tailoring midstream gathering & disposal projects to fit their field development goals.
We take oilfield waste and process it into a slurry that is then disposed of safely into the injection well miles below the earths surface. The process is efficient and economical in relation to traditional disposals passing the savings on to the customer. Return Disposal offers other services as well with truck, and frac tank washouts. This is another savings that the trucking company and producer can benefit from while essentially reducing the cost of logistics. Return disposal will also be offering fresh water and future brine water at our locations where applicable.
Accepted Waste Streams
  • ·Water-Based Mud

  • ·Oil-Based Mud

  • ·Dirty Water,Oily Water, Flowback and Completion Fluids

  • ·Frac gel and Cement

  • ·Tank Bottoms and Wash Pit Waste

  • ·Field Salt Water

Other Services
  • ·Truck Washouts /Frac Tank Washouts